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Development of the Alligator marketplace for suppliers and wholesale customers

September 22, 2023

PROJECT DURATION: January 2021 – present


TECHNOLOGIES: PHP 8.1, Laravel 8, ClickHouse, JavaScript, Nuxt.js, Git, Docker, Docker Compose

PROJECT COST: > 6 million rubles 


The founding company came with a grand idea of creating an online marketplace for interactions between manufacturers of consumer goods, major suppliers, and wholesale retailers. The platform's coverage includes Russia and Belarus, with plans to expand to CIS and European countries.

Implementing a large-scale, high-quality digital project is a labor-intensive process that requires a team of specialists in various digital service areas. The client approached us to fulfill their need for comprehensive development of the frontend and backend components of the platform. 


To create a modern and technological B2B marketplace where suppliers can conveniently list and sell their products to network stores and small businesses.


  • Implement the necessary platform functionality with user profiles (Personal Accounts) and user data storage.
  • Develop a product catalog with a flexible search and filtering system.
  • Integrate automatic document generation.
  • Maintain and further develop the platform. 


We integrated into the existing project team, which included a project manager, designer, and frontend developer. Leveraging our experience, we were able to address all development needs.

Based on the design layouts and functional requirements from the client, we started implementing the backend part of the platform with the necessary API methods. Simultaneously, we integrated the frontend portion.

The first modules introduced were website authentication and user profiles. During registration, we validate the company's validity using its Taxpayer Identification Number (INN). Upon successful completion of all fields, the user receives a confirmation email to their registered email address. After confirmation, they can log in to the system, list products, and accept requests from other legal entities. 

We developed an intuitively understandable product catalog entry system with the ability to import and export product lists. We implemented a comprehensive procurement system that covers everything from product selection to order processing. In this system, the customer has the flexibility to either search for the required products independently or create a general request and wait for responses from suppliers.

We facilitated direct cooperation between counterparties through document generation for conducting transactions. All contracts, invoices, and related documents are editable. The platform also features a chat function for asking clarifying questions and discussing delivery details.

We incorporated analytics and statistics on the company's performance, along with advertising tools such as recommendations, reviews, and email campaigns, among others.

At this stage, the project continues to evolve, and we are continually developing new features and refining the product based on the client's requirements.


A fully operational B2B marketplace with a user-friendly interface and functionality catering to both suppliers and consumers of consumer goods.