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Conclusions about participation in "Runet Ranking" and Tagline

November 21, 2023
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The working life of an IT company involves more than just developing software and web applications; it also includes finding those for whom they are developing these solutions. To attract clients, we utilize various marketing tools, among which rankings play a significant role. The importance of participating in them didn't immediately dawn on us, nor did the correct insights into being listed in ranking charts.

The decision to participate and the results

We understood that many clients turn to rankings when searching for a contractor. We were aware that our potential partners were already participating and gaining leads through them. However, we procrastinated our own entry for a long time due to a lack of time for preparation. In 2019, we shared general information, uploaded some projects, and stopped at the "unfinished". Delving into the details was a luxury, and every working hour equated to real money that we hesitated to spend on uncertainty.

Our attitude changed due to the testimonials of ranking veterans who spoke of their benefits in lead generation. By 2022, the platforms themselves had more detailed instructions for placement, especially on the "Runet Ranking" website. We studied the sequence, calculation metrics, required documents, and turnovers. We evaluated participating companies and compared them with our metrics. Through the analysis, we identified that we would certainly secure positions in the TOP 100 of the categories that interested us. 

We conducted an audit of the company independently and gathered the necessary information to enter the specific segments we were targeting. We gradually uploaded documentation about counterparties and didn't attempt to chase a high rank. Therefore, the final results of our first participation more than satisfied us. We found ourselves in the TOP 10 and TOP 50 in twenty segments of the "Runet Ranking" and in the TOP 100 in two segments of Tagline.


When we saw our company in high positions, we thought a wave of clients would come our way. However, a significant influx never occurred. While there were leads, less than 5 inquiries converted into actual sales in almost a year. 

Yearly data on transitions from rankings. Yandex.Metrica

Most transitions from rankings come from colleagues and clients conducting mass mailings to companies, expressing interest. They inquire about the cost of work from multiple agencies simultaneously. Managing such clients is challenging, as their primary concern is often to quickly determine the price. Moreover, they are not willing to answer clarifying questions to obtain a more accurate estimate.

Conclusions on Participation in Rankings

For cost-oriented clients, a sales department is necessary

We have often encountered our specialists wasting time processing leads interested only in budget. Whether it's realistic or not is indifferent to the client. However, there is a reverse practice: repeat inquiries with other projects or requests to enhance functionality previously contracted. This proves that the pre-sale efforts were not in vain. However, for such leads, the company should have a corresponding department.

The company's website is equivalent to its face

We obtained a direct link from the "Runet Ranking" list to our platform. However, we overlooked that clients might care about how our online presence is structured. The company's history and news, detailed case descriptions and services, the presence of specialists, and costs—all of these are interesting to a client who intends to approach only one contractor. It's quite possible that we lost leads because we didn't prepare for them in advance. Participation in rankings prompted us to swiftly transition from a single-page landing to a multi-page website, mediaten.ru, with interactive elements.

Participation in rankings is reputation and incentive

Being on lists doesn't guarantee a massive influx of clients and partners, but it provides an opportunity to showcase skills and competencies. We gained additional motivation for development and revenue growth. There's a desire to expand into more areas and secure leading positions in regional segments.

At present, we have no inflated expectations from continued participation in rankings. We have deliberately devoted much time to developing a growth strategy that we plan to implement in 2024. Currently, we are working on expanding our team and increasing volumes. Where this will lead us—we'll see and share in the results next year.
You can view our main positions in the rankings on the MediaTen website.

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