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Customer experience: these are the pies

August 29, 2023
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It's done; we've decided to deviate from our standard cases and provide more detailed insights into the challenges we encounter during our project work. Of course, along with their solutions and in a 'from our minds to yours' format.

However, we will still keep some things a secret. Imagine the owner of a bakery approached a team of bakers...      

Complicated pie recipe

The owner of the bakery had long dreamed of creating the perfect pie recipe that culinary stores would be eager to acquire. Initially, he hired homemakers who prepared a visually appealing and edible product for him. They presented it, let him taste it, and received their reward.

The client wanted to expand the flavor possibilities and add a filling to scale up production. When he opened the recipe list, he realized how complex and convoluted the actions and ingredients had become. Understanding that only a team of professionals could handle this, he entrusted the recipe to experienced chefs for refinement.

The experts studied the client's requirements for the new filling and proposed a complete refactoring of the preparation method. After receiving approval, they got to work. The baked product remained just as attractive, but now it was clearer what and where could be added without spoiling anything.

Monolith of dough and filling

The second decision by the chefs was to clearly separate the continuous text of the recipe into two parts. In one part, they listed only the ingredients for the future fluffy golden bun, and in the other, they listed the ingredients for its delicious filling.

This helped to delineate responsibilities within the team and efficiently allocate tasks for incorporating the new components of the pie. It became easier to make additions and remove unnecessary components. You could even completely change the entire appearance of the baked goods using the existing groundwork.

Wrong priority

One day, the equipment in the bakery broke down, and the pastries started to burn. Instead of immediately addressing the cause of the breakdown and fixing it, the owner continued to assign tasks to the team related to the recipe. Meanwhile, production of the pies came to a halt, leading to dissatisfaction among the product's customers.

The specialists requested permission and time to repair the equipment, but at that moment, the baker prioritized new ingredients. However, they were able to slowly but correctly address the issue using a device to analyze the performance of the machines. The error was identified and corrected. Deliveries resumed, but not without complaints from the bakery's customers.

The inconvenience of baking

Adapting to different store requirements, the owner of the bakery spent a long time allocating resources for the team to create a unique pie recipe for each individual buyer. Part of it was common, and the other part was tailored to each buyer. Developing a new product each time consumed a lot of time and effort for subsequent additions.

With the increasing number of clients, the baker gave the green light to the specialists to implement a unified method of preparation for everyone, incorporating the most in-demand ingredients. Now, cooking and monitoring the process became much easier.

Currently, the chefs are testing a version of the recipe where individual fillings can once again be incorporated into the pie for a retailer with specific needs. However, the core list of baked goods will remain unchanged for everyone.

The main challenge in production is the lack of a tool that would help automate the preparation of pies and allow the baker and his customers to independently incorporate what they desire into the products. For now, this remains food for thought and further bakery development. However, our chefs are certainly capable of taking on such a development when the time is right.

These are the pies, but you surely understood that we're not talking about pastry at all.

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