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Signs of a bad digital agency

August 13, 2021
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"Fast, cheap, high-quality" - suspicious IT agencies often write this, without any intention of proving their words. However, the formula is simple and always excludes the third option.

fast + cheap = low-quality
fast + high-quality = expensive
high-quality + cheap = slow

Therefore, choose your project executor carefully, and we will provide you with several criteria to pay attention to from your first encounter.


A company that has been in existence for several years is less likely to close in the middle of a project. For example, if an agency has been around for about 5 years, it means it has earned a reputation in certain circles.


The organization should have a legal address where you can find it.


Creating a quality website cannot be done without the involvement of the client. You should have your own vision of the future website. A reputable company will not take on a project without receiving a Technical Specification (TS).


Open and convenient payment terms, as well as the option for staged payments.


We strongly recommend choosing an agency that works with a contract. Ask for a template, review it, and study it. Does it contain information about closing documents? Examine the contract carefully, and if necessary, engage in negotiations. The contractor should not completely cater to your demands, but they should be flexible.


How quickly does the contractor respond to your questions? How promptly do they get in touch after your request? All of these nuances are apparent even before signing a contract.


Naturally, the cost of services varies among different companies and depends largely on the client's business specifics. However, there are minimum price points below which professional developers cannot go.


Many studios offer clients the development of websites on custom content management systems (CMS). However, they often do not mention that only the person who created it will be able to support the website. It's better if the agency can build your site on a popular CMS or framework.


A well-designed website cannot be created in a month. Each project requires clear stages: analysis, prototyping, design, coding.


There are no perfect service providers, but developers should respond calmly to requested adjustments and fix errors.

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