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Total Experience: Happy Employee + Customer = Sales Growth

March 15, 2024
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Business management in the 21st century is directly linked to the implementation of technologies and unconventional approaches. Defining one's niche in the market, positioning the brands produced, developing strategies, and digitalizing processes - all these are ways to attract and retain customers. Ultimately, everything a business does is always aimed at expected profit growth. However, to understand how effective the chosen tactics are, one doesn't need to randomly try out different hypotheses.

To introduce something new, it is necessary to study the old, or as it is fashionable to say, retrospective. And the main source of analysis has always been feedback from users of products, services, and commercial platforms. However, not long ago, companies came to the conclusion that sales are influenced not only by customer experience but also by the opinions of their employees. Indeed, if a specialist does not like their own work or the product being sold, then there can be no brand affinity from the customer's perspective.

The solution to this problem has become Total Experience, based on comprehensive identification of negative aspects and improving the experience of interaction with the company.

What is Total Experience

Total Experience, or TX, is a relatively young strategy proposed in 2022 by the research consulting company Gartner. TX encompasses the collection and analysis of feedback, reviews, customer and employee action histories across all business channels. The gathered information is processed and utilized to create bonus and motivational programs, personalized offers and promotions, as well as other solutions aimed at increasing brand loyalty and interest.

Total Experience is based on four pillars

  • Customer Experience, or CX, refers to the experience of customers with products and services
  • Employee Experience, or EX, pertains to the experience of company specialists from onboarding to departure
  • User Experience, or UX, involves the experience of users with commercial and corporate platforms
  • Multi Experience, or MX, encompasses the experience of interacting with digital resources of a business on mobile and stationary devices

According to Gartner's assertion, a strategy that takes into account the total experience ensures a 25% increase in profit. Assessing the actual sales uplift figures for Russian companies due to TX is currently challenging, as the initiative has only begun to be implemented in organizations. However, it is already clear that Total Experience is a new level of promoting goods and services, for which modern technologies and digitalization of businesses are necessary:

  • corporate, partner, and customer systems (BPM, PRM, ERP, CRM);
  • aI-driven developments (chatbots, virtual assistants);
  • cross-browser platforms with personal accounts;
  • forms and widgets with surveys on their resources (quizzes, surveys, tests);
  • analytical repositories and statistics;
  • seamless integration between web products, mobile applications, and company channels.

If you want to implement Total Experience in your business, first analyze how well its individual components are implemented: CX, EX, UX, MX. It is only advisable to start combining experiences when all its parts work like clockwork, and each direction is handled by a separate team. Otherwise, analytics will not lead to problem-solving, company development, and increased sales but to chaos from incomprehensibly collected statistics and loss of funds.

Designing Total Experience

Before building the architecture of TX, pay attention to what resources the business already has: an online store, corporate website, application, Telegram channel, VK group. After identifying all your resources, determine which ones work for the better and should be kept, and which ones should be reconsidered or removed. From the remaining and improved platforms, an integration structure is formed, including new digital products, action sequences, and their detailing.

Total Experience entails non-intrusive interaction that leads to problem analysis and resolution, leaving a positive impression on both customers and employees about the brand. An important rule is not to overdo it with mailings, pop-up windows, survey volumes, and other methods of collecting information. The design of the strategy itself is individual and based on the activities and scale of the company.

In 2024, Total Experience became one of the leading concepts for major retailers and the financial sector. Over time, considering the total experience, like other strategic tools, will encompass all market relationships. Therefore, there is no need to delay with innovations that will help differentiate from others and achieve significant results.

To construct your structure wisely, hire an experienced business analyst. The specialist will immerse themselves in the work environment, study the processes, and show opportunities for organizing TX. If you have already defined a plan to implement TX and need new functionality or digital products for its implementation, contact MediaTen. We have been developing commercial and corporate solutions for 12 years, integrating them into a single ecosystem of the company.

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