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September 01, 2023

PROJECT DURATION: April 2022 - August 2022 - present


TECHNOLOGIES: PHP 8.1, Laravel, ImageMagick, JavaScript, FFmpeg

PROJECT COST: > 700 000 rubles


Andy&Paul is a Russian company that specializes in the production and retail of phone cases. They sell their accessories through marketplaces like Wildberries, Ozon, and others.


Due to the constant increase in their product range, the company was spending a lot of resources on populating product cards, specifically creating images for each item. There was also inconvenience in preparing a large number of orders for accessories with different prints.

In the spring of 2022, Andy&Paul approached our digital agency, outlining specific requirements for the development of solutions for their business challenges.


To simplify content generation for marketplaces and expedite the processing of orders for the production and sale of phone cases.


  • Automate the creation of photo and video content for marketplaces.
  • Implement image generation based on the order list for subsequent product manufacturing.


From the very beginning of our collaboration, the company had a clear understanding of its needs. We quickly analyzed the business processes that required automation and proceeded with development according to the technical tasks provided.

We created a cloud solution in the form of an administrative site with remote access from anywhere. Its primary functionality consisted of modules for image and video generation. For these, we set up proper graphics work, overlaying prints at the required angles, distortion, and more. Let's delve deeper into how the main developments are structured.

Content Generation for the Marketplace

Instead of designing cards for each accessory, the content creator goes to the company's website. They open a special section and upload files with images and templates of the cases where they need to be placed.

The service autonomously recognizes the data and produces ready-made photo content in several versions with different images. Meanwhile, the images for the cases can be at various angles and tilts, but the system accurately stretches, distorts, and overlays the prints.

From this, a video is created with smooth transitions between models. The results are displayed on the marketplaces.

Automated Phone Case Production

The second vital function is the creation of multiple prints with their subsequent transfer to accessories. For this, a company employee uploads a document with an order list, which can contain up to 1,000 items. This document includes information about phone models, cases, and images that need to be overlaid on the accessories.

The service automatically processes the entire list and prepares collages for subsequent printing. The images are generated in excellent quality and are immediately formatted for production printers. There are devices capable of printing a canvas for 40 and 70 cases.

Additionally, the system generates PDF files with the order description for dispatch: product information, production date, and barcode.


  • An administrative website based on a modern tech stack.
  • Functionality that operates flawlessly, without complaints, errors, or crashes.
  • The continuation of cooperation for expansion and new developments.