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July 31, 2023

DEADLINE: 2019 – October 2021 – to date

PROJECT STAFF: 5 developers

TECHNOLOGIES: PHP 8.2, Laravel 8, PostgreSQL 13.2, Postman, Doctrine ORM, PhpStan, Composer, Yandex Cloud, Nuxt TS, Element UI, Yarn, Nest.js, Telegraf.js, Docker, Docker Compose, Nginx, Git, GitLab

PROJECT COST: > 6 million rubles


Develop an ERP system for automating internal processes that meets the unique needs of an IT company, is stable in operation, completely secure and not complicated by unnecessary functionality.

Main goals

  • Analyze the corporate activities of the agency and create a resource for centralized storage of information about projects, employees and transactions.
  • Design and implement a system of distribution of responsibility and control over the assigned tasks.
  • Refine the structure of the product, expand the functionality and add new features for users.
  • Implement automated testing of specialists to improve their skills.
  • Check the ergonomics of ERP for users.
  • Release a release with a free trial program.

Client Pain

With the dynamic growth of the company and the increase in the team, a lot of time is devoted to routine actions and paperwork. Often the main organizational processes are carried out through complex programs and cloud services. And at some point, everything gets out of control.

We studied the main needs of a digital agency and the ERP and CRM available on the market. We came to the conclusion that many of them not only do not close the tasks of the company, but also complicate the work with unnecessary functionality. Therefore, we identified the main business processes of the staff of IT specialists and set to work on development.


During the development, various technologies and approaches to organizing business processes were used. Having considered the latter in detail, we settled on the tools of the Kanban and Scrum methodologies.

We analyzed the internal activities of the agency and designed a system convenient for programmers and managers with sections on salaries and performance reports.

We transferred all the data to the corporate ERP so that the company completely abandoned all third-party resources that duplicated the functions we implemented.

In the fall of 2021, the idea arose to introduce tests to identify the theoretical knowledge of employees and add functionality. To do this, we took a more modern stack and updated the ERP.

The following sections were transferred to the new management program: transaction, reports, projects and users. The first expansion was automated testing to improve the skills of specialists.

The development was and is being iterative, and the modules are being implemented gradually. This is how they appeared:

  • departments and events,
  • internal shop and bonus system,
  • tasks with a choice of execution status,
  • work schedule,
  • statistics and registration of problems,
  • integration with Telegram for notifications,
  • widgets for the main page with upcoming events and deviations from the work schedule,
  • sections of help, lead accounting and planning.

At the time of writing the case, the development of Wiki, a library for storing knowledge about projects, is nearing completion. The roles of employees that exist in the system are expanding. An integration with a secretary bot is being created to manage notes.

Next in line are the tasks of implementing financial reporting into “planning” and electronic document management for HR into “work schedule”.


We can say with confidence that we have developed a logically structured system with a user-friendly interface and clear functionality for digital agency employees.

ERP today already has everything you need to quickly implement the company's business processes:

  • a board with tasks according to the Kanban methodology and statistics on their completion;
  • daily reports and system notification mechanism; information on accrued wages;
  • planning, recording and displaying events (including birthdays);
  • knowledge base and testing system with Telegram bot integration;
  • stimulating bonus section for specialists and more.