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Integration with TopDelivery for Order Delivery

November 22, 2023

DEADLINE: September 2021 – November 2021 – present


TECHNOLOGIES: PHP 8, Laravel, DaData, MySQL, SOAP, REST, XML, Git, Docker, Docker Compose, PHPStan

PROJECT COST: > 2.5 million rubles


TopDelivery – a courier delivery service from online stores. The company collaborates not only with retailers but also with other logistics organizations. It enters into agreements with partners to expand the territorial coverage of its services. This allows TopDelivery to transfer part of the delivery orders to contractors with branches in small and distant settlements.

The transfer of customer orders takes place through integration with the TopDelivery online platform. To ensure correct internal data exchange, it is necessary to configure the interaction between the companies' services, particularly those with existing API methods and approaches.

In 2021, TopDelivery started collaborating with a logistics delivery service with over 20,000 pickup points across Russia. Additionally, the company acquired a major client – an online store with home goods. TopDelivery prepared a technical assignment and approached us to implement the necessary tools for integration with the new platforms.


Configure the data transfer between TopDelivery and third-party business platforms using service buses.


  • Dive into the processes of the companies and design the software architecture.
  • Develop the functionality of convenient integration tools.
  • Debug the interaction and write documentation for the developed software.


For b2b interaction, we implemented integration buses*, hosted on a dedicated server. When designing their architecture, we carefully considered each module so that future expansions could easily incorporate necessary functionalities. The interaction format is adapted to the platforms of both the logistics company and the retailer.

*Integration bus is a kind of "bridge" and "converter" between different systems, allowing them to exchange data.


Our service bus has facilitated the interaction between TopDelivery and the logistics company. We implemented an API with forced data retrieval and set up a timer for hourly order exports. Through our development, TopDelivery customers gained an additional 20,000+ pickup points and parcel lockers in the most remote corners of Russia.

How It Works

TopDelivery receives a delivery request from the online store and uploads it to the integration bus. The tool converts the data into a format understandable for the service of the company that has a network of parcel lockers and pickup points. Before transferring the order to the partner, TopDelivery checks for available spaces at their pickup points. Information about this and all subsequent delivery details is transmitted to our client through the developed bus.


In accordance with the strict structure of the client, we implemented API interaction with a well-known retail chain specializing in the sale of home and construction products. We focused on specific services of the platform: order creation, status retrieval, and information updates. With the help of DaData, we also configured automatic determination of postal codes and coordinates for delivery. Additionally, we organized the collection and sending of integration bus operation errors to the support email.

How It Works

On the DIY retailer's side, product processing takes place. Consumers do this either through the website or in a physical store. The seller sends order information to the integration bus, which transforms the data into a format understood by TopDelivery. They are then directed to the courier service's platform. Our client's platform processes the information and communicates the delivery identifier through the bus.

After creating and testing the interaction tools, we thoroughly documented their operation. Our documentation allows for quick updates, expansions, and improvements to the software, which is what we continue to do with the emergence of new functional enhancements.


Two integration buses were implemented and put into operation, converting data on delivery orders and automating their correct transmission between different platforms.

  • The interaction setup expanded TopDelivery's geography to over 20,000 pickup points and parcel lockers across Russia.
  • Integration with the online store became a new source of delivery orders and revenue.

The developed software is documented, easily expandable, and scalable for similar projects.