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Marketplace for Venue Rentals Bash Today

September 01, 2023

PROJECT DURATION: January 13, 2022 – June 30, 2023


TECHNOLOGIES: PHP 7.4, PHP 8.2, Laravel, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, JavaScript, Metabase

PROJECT COST: 5 million rubles


Bash Today is a booking service for lofts and studios for events in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. For visitors to the marketplace, there is a property filter, allowing them not only to see the cost, deal terms, and interior but also to send multiple requests directly on the site and add venues to their favorites. For venue owners, the platform offers the opportunity to list their space and advertise on the online platform to attract potential customers.


Bash Today is an excellent example of a constantly evolving, successful project. It has been on the market since 2015 and does not stagnate. However, keeping up with the times is not easy. A lot of effort needs to be directed in various areas, often hindered by numerous routine tasks. For instance, prolonged personal communication about placement with a venue manager or the preparation of financial reports. The solution was to shift daily processes to the website, a task our company took on. 


Web product support, development and implementation of new functions for the development and scaling of the project, as well as automation of business processes.


  • Debug and refine the website's functionality.
  • Create a section responsible for posting advertising information about the venue.
  • Implement automatic labeling of ads.
  • Ensure the tracking of financial transactions within the service.
  • Develop a rating system for lofts and studios.
  • Update the resource for CRM integration.


Our productive collaboration with Bash Today lasted for 1.5 years. We began by immersing ourselves in the inner workings and strategy of the ongoing project to support and refine the existing features.

  1. We developed a new extensive advertising section and an advertiser's personal account. With its help, it was possible to purchase advertising services on the site. For instance, you could buy a premium account, elevate your company's card higher in the search output, or order a video tour for your venue/service.
  2. In 2022, a law came into force in Russia requiring mandatory online advertising marking. It must be registered in a unified registry and marked with a unique token. For this, we implemented an automatic system that collected all necessary information when purchasing advertising and sent it to the ORD (advertising data operator).
  3. For the convenience of generating accounting documents, we introduced automated bill extraction.
  4. We implemented a ranking system for the properties based on their rating. This ranking depends on the number of sales in a month, the response speed of the manager to the client, reviews, and other indicators.
  5. We took part in updating the site for CRM integration. There was a complete replacement of the frontend and backend parts while retaining the current business process logic.

In addition to the developments, we held conferences with the team and the direct clients of the service: users, advertisers, and venue owners. We presented the new features and explained the nuances of their operations, as well as showcased the benefits and advantages they would bring.


1. Migration of daily tasks to the service through automated systems:

  • placing advertising on the site,
  • applying marks to the ORD (Advertising Data Operator),
  • generating accounting reports.

2. A fully revamped Bash Today website.