PRM (Partner Relationship Management) system development
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PROJECT DURATION: March 2021 - September 2022 - Present.


TECHNOLOGIES: PHP 8.0, Laravel, PostgreSQL, JS, Vue 2, Git, Docker, Docker-compose.

PROJECT COST: > 3 million rubles.


Karso is a service that provides technical warranties for used cars, new vehicles, and those imported through parallel channels. The company collaborates with maintenance stations and dealerships across Russia. Services are processed through their own website and partner channels. Vehicle owners submit applications, and once approved, they can receive assistance for warranty-related issues.


Controlling a distributor network within a single city is already a challenging task. When it comes to a country-scale operation, it requires not only incredible physical capabilities but also a multitude of tools for tracking warranty sales, contract management, and statistics tracking. Additionally, maintaining constant communication with retailers, responding promptly to inquiries, and keeping them informed of changes is crucial.

The Karso team decided to expedite and simplify their business processes by transitioning them into an electronic system. In early 2021, they approached us to bring their idea to fruition.


The goal was to create a platform for control, management, and automation of operations in a B2B format.


  • Analyze and systematize the company's business processes.
  • Develop system functionality for interaction with partners, tracking warranty sales, and maintaining statistics.


From the very beginning, this project was a complex set of tasks that required a deep understanding of Karso's operational processes. We thoroughly examined how the technical warranty service for automobiles was implemented and delivered. Together with the company's representatives, we devised the structure for interactions with distributors and customers to create the program. We opted for a PRM model with partner user portals and administrator accounts.

A PRM (Partner Relationship Management) system with user portals enables the transfer and automation of essential processes, the expansion of functionalities to meet evolving needs, real-time communication about updates, and support.

  • The key development within the system was the functionality for adding sold warranties and generating transaction reports. Through individual access to the PRM, partners can independently input order data using predefined templates. 
  • Integration with payment systems was introduced to track incoming funds accurately. Furthermore, statistics were incorporated, gathering data on both individual and overall sales figures. This data allows for strategic planning and motivation, benefiting both distributors and clients alike.
  • Furthermore, statistics were incorporated, gathering data on both individual and overall sales figures. This data allows for strategic planning and motivation, benefiting both distributors and clients alike.

  • News and database sections were created for general notifications about new events and changes in operations, as well as for the creation of a library to effectively promote the service.
  •  A structured centralized document repository for partners was implemented, serving as an archive for accounting purposes.

The initial iteration of the partner interaction control and tracking system was launched on April 30, 2021. Active development of the system's functionality continued until September 2022. At the time of writing this case, we continue to collaborate with Karso to expand and enhance the PRM system.


  • Over the course of two years, the B2B system we developed has successfully addressed the needs of the Karso warranty company, facilitating partner and budget management.
  • Automation for partner sales tracking, report generation, and document creation through the user portal has been established.
  • Internal payment processing within the PRM, data analytics, and an accounting section have been implemented. 


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