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Successfully registered our software with the Ministry of Digital Development

October 27, 2023
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Since 2019, the MlediaTen team has been developing its own ERP system, gradually transferring the company's organizational processes into it. Over four years, our software has grown into a multifunctional corporate tool capable of meeting the needs of any digital agency or studio. We realized that we could no longer keep our development a secret and were obligated to share it with our colleagues. The first step towards entering the official market was registering the program with the Ministry of Digital Development.

To formalize our ERP, we turned to a company specializing in legal support for software registration with the Ministry of Digital Development. The expert guidance significantly simplified the complex process but did not eliminate a series of challenges. For over a month, we collected all the necessary documentation, adapted the code to the ministry's requirements, and created instructions for the software. Thanks to the diligent work of the team, on October 4, 2023, we successfully registered our ERP system for digital agencies, MTunit.

Our development is now listed in the unified registry of Russian programs for computers and databases under number #19395. The main software class is "Business Process Management (BPM)" with additional classes: "Financial Management, Asset and Human Resource Management (ERP)" and "Customer Relationship Management (CRM)".

Including our software in the registry of Russian programs, besides the official market entry, provides substantial benefits from the Ministry of Digital Development:

  • reduction of insurance contributions to 7.6%,
  • exemption from VAT on the sale of software licenses,
  • additional insurance coverage during IT company accreditation,
  • advantages in participating in government procurement, and other incentives.

We believe that the colossal work we have done in a relatively short period, driven by the impending company accreditation, was not in vain. We have once again confirmed the reliability and guaranteed support of our colleagues and demonstrated that anything can be achieved with genuine dedication. 

Publication author:

Lubov Azarnova