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Backend development in Python

Python is a high-level general-purpose programming language designed with an emphasis on code readability, which accelerates the development process. It is widely used in creating server-side software, data analytics, testing, and machine learning.

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Advantages of Python development

Development speed

Python is known for its simplicity and concise code, speeding up the development process and potentially saving time, which impacts the project cost. This is particularly crucial for quickly creating MVPs and startups that need to launch in the shortest time frames.

Portability and compatibility

Programs written in Python run on any operating system and platform with an interpreter. Limitations and configurations can be found in the extensive documentation. Python's universality makes it convenient to create a unified digital ecosystem for a company.

Scalability and flexibility

Code cleanliness, libraries, typing, and other qualities of Python contribute to its ease of extension. The language's flexibility ensures ease of making changes and developing new functionality. This allows for the swift adaptation of the project to the growing needs of the business.

Rapid implementation of innovations

Python is actively used in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analysis. The field of Data Science is rapidly evolving, offering modern solutions to businesses such as recommendation services, facial recognition systems, and other possibilities.

All services are provided according to the Time & Material model in the format of outsourcing or outstaffing of specialists

2 000 — 3 600Cost of 1 hour of work
From 5 hours Minimum order quantity
From 300 000Average cost per month

* Discounts and bonuses are provided for regular customers. To evaluate all the advantages, test our capabilities for free and get a detailed plan for the implementation of your task, just call or email us.




With us, you streamline your search for a Python developer with the required level of expertise and skills. Our employees undergo systematic testing, constantly update their knowledge, and practice regularly.



You can quickly expand your IT department with our Python developers. We are accustomed to not only creating new products and functionality but also integrating seamlessly into the work of existing teams to address ongoing challenges.


Cost Efficiency

All our Python developers are full-time employees of the company. You don't have to spend your resources on hiring and setting up workstations for specialists. You pay only for the time worked on the project.

Stages of cooperation


Introduction and assessment

We process your request and review the project materials provided: requirements, technical specifications, and design layouts. We determine the working format and provide a project estimate.


Assignment of a specialist

We select a candidate from our developers who aligns with the tasks of your project. We can provide a detailed portfolio of the specialist by sending their CV to your email.


Candidate approval

If you need to verify the developer's relevance to your functional requirements, we organize an interview and have them complete a small test assignment.


Contract signing

We reconfirm the timelines and budget, outlining warranty commitments in the service agreement. We verify its compliance with your documentation and sign the contract.


Project implementation

We integrate the developer into your tasks and monitor their timely completion. If the working format is outsourcing, the specialist maintains reporting according to your control system.


Development outcomes

At the end of the contract, we prepare and sign closing documents with you. We can renegotiate the contract for technical support of the created software if needed.


We are trusted

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Our team almost never has free resources, so we negotiate in advance. If everything suits everyone, then we conclude an agreement and book a time in advance. We try to approach cooperation flexibly and find compromise solutions regarding interaction.

We are interested in long-term cooperation and therefore we consider interesting and long-term projects as a priority.

The cost of one hour of a programmer's work starts from 2000 rubles and depends on the format of work and the skill level of a specialist.

Our company adopted the following gradation of developer levels: Middle, Middle+, Senior.

Time-use tracking is carried out by means of a preliminary assessment of the project, preparation of a full estimate of works

We provide daily and weekly reports. You can also follow the work of our specialists online (Kanban).

We discuss this issue and agree with the client immediately. Even when analyzing the project, we consider the difficulties and risks. But in the process of work, technical difficulties may arise, which we cannot influence. Such difficulties include connecting and linking third-party services and APIs that have violations in the documentation.

If the deadline is not met due to our fault, then we take all the risks.

1. You provide us with brief project requirements:

  • technical specifications,
  • access to the code (sign NDA),
  • indicative budget,
  • deadline.

2. We conduct a preliminary analysis and audit of the product.

3. We organize a joint conference in skype / zoom with our manager and technical director.

4. We sign a contract.

5. We select specialists for your tasks (cost calculation according to the rate).

It is possible to perform a small test for free by your chosen specialists.

We have 3 forms of cooperation:

1. Full-time (booking from 1 month). Full time, the specialist works full time, the interaction is carried out in the outstaffing format. The cost is formed based on the hourly rate of the specialist, paid weekly (Time & Material).

2. Part-time (min order is 5 hours). Part-time employment, payment for the hours actually worked by a specialist on a task.

3. Product development. Comprehensive development of an individual solution. Work strictly according to the estimate, where there are clear deadlines and cost. The estimate is made on the basis of the technical task. The final cost is formed taking into account all risks, payment is expected 50/50.