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Investment platform

October 10, 2023

DEADLINE: February – December 2022


TECHNOLOGIES: PHP 8.1, Laravel 8, PostgreSQL, Redis, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue 2, Nuxt.js, Node.js, CryptoPRO, Git, Docker, Docker Сompose

PROJECT COST: > 5 million rubles


The company has been engaged in the construction of cottage settlements and the sale of suburban plots for over 10 years. The developer creates infrastructure for its territory and offers real estate in the form of land with a ready-made house or without. Positions its solution as an alternative to city life.

Being in the market for a long time, the company actively develops not only in its professional activities but also in the digital direction. One of the necessary IT tools for this is a resource where you can get a loan to purchase a plot in a cottage settlement for subsequent construction and resale. The platform should encourage investors and open up the opportunity for developers to implement their projects through an internal automated financing system.


Create an online platform with user personal accounts and a transparent investment system.


  • Develop personal accounts for investors and borrowers with transaction automation functionality.
  • Integrate a secure payment system.
  • Implement electronic document management (EDM).


The client independently assembled their team, reinforcing it with our programmers to tackle development tasks. We joined the project in the format of outsourcing IT specialists. Based on prepared layouts, we developed the functionality of the backend and implemented the website's layout.

The company aimed to digitize and transfer a real transaction between an investor and a borrower into the virtual space. The goal was to automate the process with minimal intermediary involvement while ensuring compliance with both the typical stages of real-life transactions and legal requirements.

Access to the platform is possible only through a personal account, which is tailored for each category of users: borrowers, administrators, and investors.

  • The borrower enters their account, creates and posts a request with an estimate for a specific property. They can add layouts and other project illustrations for the future house.
  • The administrator reviews the application, and if there are discrepancies with the established rules, provides recommendations to the borrower to pass moderation.
  • The investor, through their personal account, views proposals from developers, selects a suitable one, and tops up their account with the necessary amount for the transaction.

Multiple individuals can invest in a single project. To acquire a property, the developer must gather a minimum sum of financial contributions within a specified period. If the application is rejected, the collected funds are returned to the owners.

For the secure replenishment of the investor's account, integration with a specialized payment system was required. At the time of platform development, there were only two suitable solutions that allowed the implementation of the necessary functionality for accepting investment funds. The client made the choice between them. Afterward, we began the integration but encountered certain issues. The payment system's API often provided incorrect responses or indicated that a particular method was absent. With the assistance of the bank's technical support and by switching between test servers, we managed to establish error-free interaction and successfully complete the module implementation.

The integration of the platform with a specialized payment system enables the execution of complex financial transactions transparently and, most importantly, legally. The legality of transactions is ensured by the implemented EDM with digital signatures and document submission through Diadoc.

  • When an investor invests in an offer of interest, they receive confirmation of the transaction and a formalized contract. Subsequently, through the platform, they will receive accompanying receipts and statements for each payment sent by the borrower.
  • The borrower, upon receiving funds for the project, commits to repay them according to the terms of the loan agreement. If there are multiple investors, the total loan amount with accrued interest is divided among contributors and payment periods. Each repayment of the debtor's debt is certified with the corresponding document. 

The implemented functionality frees the user from paperwork and external assistance. They only need to enter the necessary data into the template and press a button. All contracts, payments, and statements are generated and confirmed directly in the system.


  • Personal accounts with transaction automation functionality between investors and borrowers have been created.
  • The investment payment system has been integrated with EDM and electronic signatures.