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We are 13 years old!

July 08, 2024
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We are 13 years old!

On Friday, July 5, 2024, MediaTen turned 13 years old. We decided to celebrate this mystical date as a team and have fun with games.

The event gathered most of the team and gave everyone a lot of great impressions. The celebration started with a custom-made cake, tailored to match the agency's brand book. After a dessert sprint and congratulatory meetups, we moved on to the entertainment prepared by our HR and active team members. The program was so packed that we couldn’t capture its entirety. But we did manage to take a few shots.

Once again, we thank our friendly team and congratulate them on this milestone, with many more events and achievements ahead!

We are very proud of our team, the successes of each employee, and the fact that for 13 years we have been helping our clients achieve their goals. It's hard to believe that so much time has passed since the company's inception, during which we have:

  • Entered the TOP-3 leading developers in Yekaterinburg and the top 100 in Russia.

  • Completed over 400 projects: services, marketplaces, complex CRMs, and other software, including for Sber, Golden Apple, and Skolkovo.

  • Created and use our domestic IT product – the MTUnit ERP system for digital agencies.

  • Established our partner program for IT companies.

  • Participated in conferences as speakers and co-organizers.

And this is not the end, nor even the middle of the journey. Stay tuned for new MediaTen projects, or better yet, join us and become insiders!

Publication author:

Lubov Azarnova