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In vino veritas? Truth in the team!

April 16, 2024
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Since the beginning of 2024, the leadership of MediaTen has held several meetings to identify problem areas and determine ways to address them. On Friday, April 12th, our team gathered to discuss and approve the set goals for MediaTen. During the announcement of the strategy session results, the company's CEO presented important decisions regarding planned development, which included tasks such as:

  • Defining common tools for those interested in transitioning to remote collaboration.
  • Reviewing the incentive system.
  • Changes in the grading process to include an online format.
  • Expanding the team by 2X.
  • Increasing annual revenue by 40%. 

Team members exchanged opinions and voiced their suggestions across various areas. Through dialogues and discussions, upcoming modifications were analyzed, explained, and approved.

The internal event was accompanied by a light buffet with a beverage tasting, where we had to choose the best among them. We evaluated the external and taste qualities of each product to determine the most prioritized for the entire team.

Such an approach to organizing the meeting was not accidental: including wine tasting symbolized the collective decision-making process. After all, that's why we gathered on Friday evening to analyze both closed and still relevant company cases.

Although some topics remained for detailed refinement and subsequent meetings, the leadership was able to share the developed strategy with the team and receive its approval. The main goal has been achieved – all MediaTen employees know the company's objectives and the real possibilities for achieving them.

Publication author:

Lubov Azarnova