Best Retail Site Tagline Awards 2022 | 3rd place
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Tagline Awards 2022 bronze award in the nomination "Best Retail Website"

February 27, 2023
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We have never participated in competitions, believing that satisfied customers are reward enough. However, last year we decided for the first time to make the time and try our luck at the Tagline Awards 2022. As it turned out, receiving recognition "among our own" also motivates us to become better.

In September 2021, we launched an e-commerce website for Miele household appliances in Yekaterinburg. It took us 4 months to develop it. We could have finished ahead of the deadline if we hadn't gotten so engrossed in our creation. The primary objective was to redesign the web product to be more interesting and modern. But we went all out and rewrote all the legacy code, implementing the Yii2 and Nuxt.js frameworks. And it wasn't in vain! It was this project that earned us the bronze award in the category "Best Retail Website 2022".

The award ceremony took place on December 9, 2022, but our certificate was delayed in transit. So we are sharing this news a little late, but with the same enthusiasm. We'd like to add that getting a "bronze" for our first participation is good, but we are aiming for more. We have goals to pursue and more to showcase this year, so wish our team luck at the Tagline Awards 2023!

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