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Website Development in Yekaterinburg

If you want to order a website in Yekaterinburg and guarantee the desired result, turn to the accredited IT company MediaTen. With over 12 years of experience, we specialize in developing online stores, CRM systems, and other business solutions of various complexities. Tell us about your project, and we will calculate its cost and timeframe.

Web Development in Yekaterinburg

Our team of 30+ specialists is based in Yekaterinburg but collaborates with projects from various cities across Russia and beyond. We are accustomed to productive and long-term partnerships with clients, both locally and remotely. The web resources we develop address both commercial and internal needs of companies. Small businesses scale through advertising tools and online sales, while medium and large organizations use internet platforms to automate and monitor operations.

Contact MediaTen, and you will gain competent developers who can assist you in defining tasks and estimating their solutions.

Website Development by MediaTen

400+ implemented projects

We have extensive experience in developing e-commerce and enterprise solutions, which we apply to bring your project to life. Over 12+ years, we've gained expertise in understanding the intricacies of various business types. Our clients include medium and large commercial companies, such as Miele, Mascotte, Premier Hall, and Sberbank.

Web development tailored to your goals

We use modern stacks and approaches, creating websites and maintaining software on Laravel, YII2, Symfony, Vue, Nuxt, and other frameworks. You'll receive an IT product with clear and concise code, easily maintainable and scalable as your business and tasks grow.

100% results and transparency

We deliver projects within the agreed timeframe. The only factors influencing development duration are additional tasks you may introduce. We're ready to provide a comprehensive report on the work done and grant access to our internal Kanban board. This board reveals sprint progress and task completion statuses.

Advantages of Our E-Commerce and Enterprise Solutions

24/7 Revenue

We will integrate payment systems and configure order processing, allowing you to sell your products and services around the clock. Customers can visit your site and make purchases at any time of the day.

Marketing Tools

You'll have access to powerful strategic brand and position promotion tools. We'll implement the necessary features, from gathering visitor information to a bonus system.

Brand Loyalty Enhancement

Strengthen your connection with customers and boost brand loyalty through implemented UX/UI solutions. We'll design the site's functionality for user convenience and a friendly interface.

Effort Reduction

Significantly reduce physical labor by transferring business processes to the website. Action tracking, product uploads, feedback forms, and other features will automate your tasks.

Control and Reporting

We'll integrate the site with 1C, Bitrix24, or your corporate ERP/CRM system, providing the data needed for company analysis. Access to information can be configured on the site through the admin panel.

Quick Implementation of Ideas

Avoid dependencies on regulations and limitations of external platforms. Web development allows rapid realization of your new ideas, business concepts, and swift implementation on your resource.


The cost of a website directly depends on functional requirements and development complexity. We tailor websites and software to individual business requests. The calculation is based on materials you provide: technical specifications, functional descriptions, and design layouts.

Corporate Website Development

A corporate site automates internal business processes: planning, document flow, and performance analysis. It helps efficiently allocate tasks, track their completion, and provide company reporting. Cost: 800,000 – 1,500,000 rubles. Timeline: From 2 months.

E-commerce Website Development

An e-commerce site is designed for online sales. A multi-page web resource with a complex structure, catalog, and integrations with external services. Typically linked to online cash systems, delivery services, 1C, CRM, and ERP. Cost: 1,500,000 – 6,000,000 rubles. Timeline: From 3 months.

Marketplace and Aggregator Development

A commercial site hosting products from third-party sellers requires support for a large volume of data. It needs a well-organized sales system with corresponding functionality: precise search, quick transaction processing, payment, and electronic document flow. Cost: 3,000,000 – 8,000,000 rubles. Timeline: From 4 months.

Custom Solutions Development

Landing pages, startups, information portals, fintech projects, and unconventional solutions are evaluated based on specified tasks. Cost: From 300,000 rubles. Timeline: From 3 weeks.

Order a website in Yekaterinburg from MediaTen to control work processes, enter the global sales market, and expand your customer base.

Web application development

We will work out the concept, create an adaptive interface, expand the functionality of digital products and test for errors. We will find approaches even to non-standard tasks. You will receive a web application based on a modern technology stack with relevant solutions for your business.

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