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September 15, 2023
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Fifty shades of emotion within an hour of active movement – that's roughly how we can describe what we felt on September 13th, celebrating Programmer's Day. We'd be happy to share our impressions, but first let's recall what's been going on in our team.

We continue to develop gamification within the company: On June 30th, the "I Darts Championship" took place, kicking off a series of games with motivational points for participation and victory. The second competition extended beyond the office space and led us to guys who are also involved in development, but with competitions based on popular TV shows.

So it happened that we combined the pleasant with the pleasant and held a drawing for an event that is significant to us – Programmer's Day. Our guys couldn't even imagine how engaging the event awaiting them would be.

The host divided the participants into two teams, appointed captains, and off we went...


It's simple: we go up to the counters with buttons and press them if we recognize which movie the frame on the screen is from. A small clarification – instead of the actors' faces, pig faces have been inserted. It's hard to collect yourself and stop laughing when you see that touching frame from "Titanic" on the ship's bow, but with piglets. It's no surprise that the score was opened by a male representative, who is also the captain of the winning team in this competition, also the CEO of MediaTen, Vyacheslav. 

Tick-Tock, Boom!

It's not every day you see a foam cup "exploding" right under your nose, scattering across the room. We had a full view of this while extracting words from the "bomb" and trying to explain them to each other within a limited time. Didn't manage to move the cup to the opponent's side – boom! Victory in the round went to Nadezhda's team, HR MediaTen.

Talking Bodies

The game sounds as intriguing as it looks. We were handed rubber handcuffs, lined up in two rows, and were tasked with showing our captains objects written on a piece of paper. Was it difficult? Maybe. But it was more fun! We bent over backwards and ended up with a "rhino" instead of an "elephant" and a totally knocked-down "ostrich".

One Whole

Once again, we proved that we are united in any projects. Captains chose one participant from their teams for a joint competition. They decided who would stand in front and who would stand behind to thread their hands between each other's arms, forming one whole. Then, the tandems Nadezhda-Irina and Vyacheslav-Sergey took turns contorting in various ways to convey the words on the cards. It's impressive how harmoniously they did this.

You're the Drink

Moo, moo, moo, moo... Moo, moo, moo, moo, moo, moo, moo... Moo, moo, moo... Moo, moo, moo, moo, moo, moo, moo… – guess the song. We understand it's not an easy task. Let's try it differently: eek, eek, eek, eek... Alright, it's "All for You" by Stas Mikhailov. Now imagine an adult standing in front of other people, diligently mooing and beeping songs for them to recognize. In return, he hears guesses like "Chorus of Cows?" and "Mouse Solo?" Vyacheslav's team turned out to be more musical. Thanks to that, the captain advanced to the super final, bringing along a bit more than just his partner, Sergey.

The Super Game

We figured out that the curly-haired singer with wife Varum is Leontyev, and the one who always wears a musketeer hat is indeed irrefutable. But credit where credit is due to Sergey. He did well in explaining which artist was in question. Six personalities were unveiled, and that's a result too. Speaking of results.

All participants received one point in their respective point banks. Activists of the evening, Sergey and Maxim, got an additional point each. This puts them at 4 and 2 points, respectively, making them leaders in our overall leaderboard. But the game's not over yet!

Points are awarded both to an individual if a winner is designated, and to everyone who participated in the game if it's a team competition. Extra points are awarded to those who stood out during the game. At the end of December, a summary will be made, and the employee who takes the first place will receive a super bonus.

Nadezhda Egorova, HR MediaTen

To be continued… 

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Lubov Azarnova