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We made it to the TOP-3 developers in Yekaterinburg according to the "Runet Rating"

May 23, 2024
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In 2023, we participated in the IT company ratings for the first time and were pleasantly surprised to immediately take top positions in our key categories. Being listed alongside digital giants motivated us not to stop at what we had achieved and to make an even louder statement among our colleagues.

On Wednesday, May 22, 2024, the organizers of the "Runet Rating" announced the annual results of the agency "race." As a result, we moved up 4 positions in our main category. Now, the MediaTen team officially ranks among the top three developers in Yekaterinburg. It was interesting to observe the dynamics of changes in the category. We alternated between the first and fifth positions.

Sharp jumps in the "Runet Rating" categories are a normal phenomenon, driven by the tightening of the evaluation methodology. Organizers added new coefficients, such as service diversity and industry experience. They changed the weight of old factors: outsourcing gained an advantage over outstaffing, and the number of clients stopped playing a significant role. In addition to revenue reporting, a new criterion for disclosing legal entities was introduced to strengthen the verification system.

884 companies passed.
233 did not pass.
Another 700+ tried and left.

Alexander Tunik, editor at "Runet Rating" 

Another important innovation was the change in the participation threshold. It is now calculated based on the number of clients and revenue, allowing only those who truly specialize in a service or direction to participate. Now, even making it into the rating across Russia is an achievement for a digital contractor. MediaTen has 25 entries.

MediaTen's Results by Category

3rd place – Leading Website Developers in Yekaterinburg

6th place – Website Development on Yii

10th place – Top Agencies for Small Business Website Creation

10th place – Website Support and Development in Yekaterinburg

11th place – Website Development on Laravel

13th place – Website Development for Tourism and Leisure Industry

16th place – Website and Web Service Analysis and Testing

21st place – Website Development on Nuxt.js

23rd place – Website and Web Service Programming and Setup

24th place – Website and Web Service Design

26th place – B2C Website Development

32nd place – Portal and Service Development

35th place – Website Development on Vue.js

43rd place – Website Development for Finance, Investment, and Banking

46th place – Digital Products for the Fashion and Beauty Industry

53rd place – Promo Website Development

55th place – Website Development for Small and Medium Businesses B2B

100th place – Rating of Best Web Studios in Russia

102nd place – Website Development for Large Businesses B2B

102nd place – Website Development for Wholesale and Retail Trade

107th place – Rating of Best Website Developers

114th place – Rating of Ongoing Development Projects

117th place – Website Development for Industrial Sector

128th place – Website Development for Small Businesses

151st place – Website Development for Services Sector B2B and B2C

We express our gratitude to the organizers of the "Runet Rating" project. It truly motivates development. We appreciate the healthy competition of the platform, which gives young agencies a chance to progress and be listed alongside renowned developers in Russia.
We are proud of our team and each of its members individually because it is the collective effort that helps the company grow and strive for more! 
Publication author:

Lubov Azarnova