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IT Outsourcing Developers

IT outsourcing in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, and other cities by accredited company MediaTen. We conduct a project audit, assemble a team of specialists, and find digital solutions for your business challenges. To learn about the cost of IT outsourcing and the development timeline for your product, submit a request on the website or give us a call.


IT outsourcing is a practice where businesses engage external specialists to delegate their internal tasks and projects. Delegating authority to an external executor allows the company to focus on development strategies and revenue growth, rather than spending time and money on creating a new department or position.

Outsourcing developers and project teams is a beneficial solution for the IT infrastructure of businesses, offering several advantages.

Ready Experts without the Expense of Search

  • Interviewing a developer can last 1.5-2 hours, followed by testing a technical task.
  • Before meeting the candidate, dozens of resumes need to be reviewed to ensure suitability.
  • Outsourcing IT services allows companies to prioritize internal financial resources.

Reduction in Staffing Costs

  • Hiring new employees requires allocating workspaces with modern equipment.
  • Even in a remote work format, substantial investments are needed in taxes, insurance contributions, leave, and sick pay.
  • Outsourcing in major cities is a common B2B practice where the service provider handles all staffing issues, and the company pays only for the actual working hours.

Transfer of Responsibilities to Professionals

  • Signing an IT outsourcing contract with a reliable contractor gives the client guarantees for task completion.
  • Depending on the type of work, the cost is calculated, and the contract specifies the development period or the period of providing technical support and functionality improvement services.
  • To determine the exact project timeline, the outsourcing company conducts a detailed audit, identifies risks, and prepares solutions, providing the client with a roadmap with planned sprints.

All these significant advantages of IT outsourcing are possible only if a business turns to an experienced and official company.


MediaTen is an accredited outsourcing company. Our team includes frontend, backend, and full-stack developers, as well as designers, testers, project managers, and business analysts. For over 12 years, we have been collaborating with commercial organizations to automate their work and solve tasks of any complexity. Our experience includes over 400 cases, with a majority in the outsourcing format:

  • development of full-fledged digital products and MVPs,
  • project audits and creation of technical documentation,
  • configuration of external and internal integrations,
  • support and enhancement of software.

Working with NDA

We value our reputation and approach confidentiality protection responsibly. We can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) even before starting cooperation, with terms considering your requirements and consequences of violation, ensuring the informational security of your product.

Contract Signing

Our company signs a legally binding contract for providing outsourcing IT services after briefing and evaluating your tasks. Through a detailed project analysis, we determine the cost of work and the project roadmap. The agreed-upon timelines can be influenced only by new tasks and concepts that you want to include during development.

Reporting in ERP

We aim to align with our client's regulations, making collaboration transparent. With our proprietary ERP system, we provide access to the Kanban board, send reports to your email, and keep you informed through messaging apps.



Payment for outsourcing developers and project teams is based on the Time & Material model, considering the number of hours specialists need for task completion. The final amount is calculated based on total time expenditures.

  • Feature Enhancement According to Technical Specifications (Part-Time).

Outsourcing Price: 2600 RUB/hour, minimum 20 hours.

  • Total project cost depends on its functional complexity and the number of connected specialists.

Outsourcing Price: from 800,000 RUB.

  • Technical Support (Full-Time). Transfer of the project on a long-term basis for support and functionality improvement.

Outsourcing Price: from 2200 RUB/hour, minimum 160 hours.

  • Code Audit. Detailed examination of your product's code to identify errors and vulnerabilities.

Outsourcing Price: From 3000 RUB/hour, minimum 5 hours.

The cost of each project is calculated individually. Visit the pricing section to learn all about IT outsourcing prices and explore the full list of services provided. You can also call us at +7 (902) 271-85-91, and we will provide more detailed information.

Web application development

We will work out the concept, create an adaptive interface, expand the functionality of digital products and test for errors. We will find approaches even to non-standard tasks. You will receive a web application based on a modern technology stack with relevant solutions for your business.

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